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SIC USA was founded in 2013 is a wholly owned subsidiary of Skwentex International Corporation (SIC). SIC USA is the supplier of Satcon solar inverters in North and Central America, as well as parts and service.

With the rapid changing solar market, SIC USA had decided to move forward with not only servicing inverters, but also to provide a total solution to its customer by providing both PV and Battery storage systems.

With 30 plus years of inverter experiences, the staffs of SIC USA present themselves with professionalism in front of their solar customers. Starting from 2019, SIC USA is no longer just a service company, but start to aggressively invest in solar farms and commercial systems.

SIC USA provides the highest level of service and value to our customers to ensure that their investments continue to perform at the highest levels through their entire lifespan. From phone support and diagnostic services to inverter repair and factory parts replacement, SIC USA has a flexible suite of support services specifically designed to keep your inverters operating at maximum performance.

Inherit from its mother company, SIC USA is also well connected with the suppliers and investors from Asia. This makes SIC USA a good sourcing position from Asia and playing as a step stone for Asian investors to the US Market.