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Equinox 500kW & 630kW UL


Peak Efficiency of 98.7%

Next Generation Modular Design

Wide Thermal Operating Range

PV Inverters

Streamline Design

With all components encased in a single enclosure. Equinox PV inverters are easy to install, operate and maintain.

Advanced Utility‐Ready Features

  • Remote control of real and reactive power
  • Low‐voltage ride through
  • Power factor control
  • Simplified grid interconnection
  • Fast communication
  • Easily integrated into SCADA systems through standardized communication interfaces

Rugged Design

  • Wide thermal operating range:‐22oF to +122oF (‐30oC to +50oC)
  • Support for external temperatures as low as ‐40oF with optional Winter climate package
  • Designed for optimal performance in Dessert, Topical and Winter climates

Industrial‐Grade Engineering

  • Fully outdoor rated solution (no concrete station required)
  • IP54 enclosure for maximum protection and longevity
  • Double wall enclosure eliminates external air circulation from inside inverter
  • Solar shields attached to exterior of enclosure dissipate solar radiation, reduce heat buildup

Profitable PV Power

The Satcon® Equinox™ inverter has a significant impact on the profitability dynamic of large‐scale solar power systems. With its system intelligence, next‐generation MPPT technology, and industrial‐grade engineering, the Equinox inverter maximizes system uptime and power production, even in the harshest environments.

Rugged Design

Equinox features a IP54 enclosure, ensuring protection and longevity. It features a wide thermal operating range from ‐22° F to +122° F. With the optional Winter climate package, it supports temperatures as low as ‐40° F with an optional heater.

Industrial‐Grade Engineering

As a fully outdoor rated solution, Equinox does not require an external climate controlled enclosure or concrete station, reducing both cost and space requirements. Equinox’s double wall enclosure cooling system eliminates the need for external air circulation inside the inverter, reducing contaminants and improving cooling performance.

Increased PV Plant Yield

Equinox, Satcon’s next‐generation inverter design, features best‐in‐class peak efficiency of 98.7% to provide you with the highest levels of system performance and uptime.

Advanced Utility‐Ready Features

 Equinox’s advanced utility‐ready features enable remote control of real and reactive power, low‐voltage ride through and power factor control. Equinox provides for simplified grid interconnection and supports fast communications, allowing it to be easily integrated into SCADA systems through standardized communication interfaces.

Commercial and Utility‐Scale

Many of the world’s largest solar power installations depend on Satcon Equinox PV inverters to provide efficient and stable power—even in the harshest climates

Proven Performance

The proven leader in solar inverter solutions for commercial installations, Satcon sets the standards for efficient large‐scale power conversion

Equinox 500kW & 630kW UL

Streamlined Design

With all components encased in a single enclosure, Equinox is easy to install, operate and maintain.

Outdoor Construction

  • Rugged cabinet for all environments
  • Dual cooling fans

Easy Maintenance

  • Modular components makeservice efficient
  • Convenient access to allcomponents
  • Customizable large in‐floor cable Gland plates make installation of DC and AC cables easy
  • Integrated DC disconnect switch isolates the inverter, with the exception of the GFDI (Ground Fault Detection and Interruption) circuit, from the photovoltaic power system to allow inspection and maintenance

Proven Reliability

Rugged and reliable, Equinox PV inverters are engineered from the ground up to meet the demands of large‐scale installations.


  • Built‐in DC disconnect & AC
Specifications 500 kW 630 kW
Input Parameters
Input Voltage Range 500‐850 VDC 585‐850 VDC
Maximum Array Input Voltage 1000 VDC 1000 VDC
Maximum Operating Input Current 1 1100 ADC 1185 ADC
PV Array Configuration Negative / Positive Negative / Positive
DC Input Combiner
Combiner Bus Bar Input 10 10
Number of Inputs and Fuses 10 x 200A 10 x 200A
Integrated Transformer No No
Maximum 98.7% 98.7%
CEC Efficiency 98.5% 98.5%
Number of Inputs and Fuses 10 x 200A 10 x 200A