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Storage system:

SIC USA start our path with storage system in 2018. With the idea of integration, we successfully integrated Batteries, Inverters (PCS/Hybrid), transformers and Energy Management System in one enclosure and makes it easy for installers to just “Plug-n-Play” at the work site.

System Features : 

Fully integrated system includes Inverter/s, Batteries, Meters, Battery Management (BMS), and Energy Management System (EMS)

■ Extremely easy “Plug-n-Play” Installation

■ Our EMS performs complex on-the-fly analysis and real-time control of the Micro-Grid in orderto maximize your savings on electric bills.

■ EMS Facilitates participation in emerging Rule 21, Distributed Energy Resources Programs, and other sources of Revenue

■ Supports both AC coupling and DC coupling with existing or new Solar Generation

■ A clear and easy-to-understand interface that displays your Savings IN REAL TIME.


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