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Webinar: Transform older, 600VDC PV systems into reliable, higher performing systems and add energy storage.   


Retrofitting Solution

  • The system solution is easily customized to match the specific requirements of each location and application. Operating set points can be easily adjusted
  • Certified/proven master controller (Energy Management System) optimizes the performance and maximizes the capabilities of the end to end system.
  • Lowest downtime – power modules can be safely removed/replaced without having to shut down the system
  • Highest up-time – failed power modules are automatically isolated while system continues to operate at a reduced capacity
  • Low time to repair = lower O&M costs
  • PV array output is maximized through the inherent multiple MPPT circuits (five MPPTs compared to a single MPPT in competitor’s systems)
  • Indoor or outdoor configurations are available.  Easy installation.
  • Can supply power to more loads for a longer time during off-grid operations

Harrison Wang

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