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String inverters: Kehua String inverters

Kehua String Inverter is made to deliver outstanding performances for your commercial projects. This inverter features 4 strings of MPPT ranging widely from 300V – 950V and comes with peak efficiency up to 99%. It is engineered to generate maximum yield for your investment. Installers and contractors find this inverter easy to be adapted to all kinds of sites. It can be mounted 0 – 90 degree on the roof or on the ground.

Most importantly, Kehua string inverter can also be a great resource to replace the 600V central inverters. Our first replacement project was commissioned on March, 2019 in San Marcos, CA. Project size is 355kW. 10 inverters were installed to replace one 135kW and one 225kW central inverters. Kehua inverter is UL certified and rule 21 compliant. We now have choices of 50kWac and 60kWac for standard 1,000V application. A derated version can also be supplied provided that such project is designed for 600V central inverter replacement.