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Elevating Sustainability with Skwentex International Corporation

At Skwentex International Corporation (SIC), our journey in project development typically commences from the greenfield and concludes with the attainment of NTP (Notice to Proceed). Our portfolio showcases successful contributions to several community solar projects throughout Illinois and California.

Pioneering Sustainable Energy in Northern California

Currently, we are actively engaged in co-developing an impressive 300 MW utility-scale project in Northern California. Our commitment to excellence and expertise ensures that each project we undertake is executed with precision. Developers interested in collaborative ventures are warmly encouraged to connect with us.

Customized Solutions for Commercial & Industrial Solar

SIC possesses the capability to evaluate, design, construct, and maintain Commercial and Industrial (C&I) solar projects, starting from 500 KW and scaling upward. What sets us apart is our proprietary Energy Management System (EMS), empowering us to provide not just solar systems but optimized solutions. This guarantees dynamic power utilization, resulting in substantial cost savings and efficiency improvements.

Unleashing the Power of Solar for Your Business

Building owners seeking to harness the potential of solar energy for their enterprises are cordially invited to reach out to us. Contact us today with your inquiries and let us demonstrate how Skwentex International Corporation can transform your energy landscape.

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